What's 360Eye App?
360Eye mobile app can help you to authenticate products. You can use mobile phone camera to scan 2D barcode or manual input code number on app and get related product information from remote database in seconds. Or you can use NFC phone to read NFC label to authenticate product in seconds. We provide free product authentication.
Why use it?
Fake product is harmful to your health and safety. 360Eye mobile app can help you to authenticate products in seconds.
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Easy Authentication with 360Eye
Product 2D barcode authentication
Scan 2D barcode with phone camera or manual input code number and get related product information from remote database in seconds.

Select barcode authentication

Scan 2D code

Get related product information

NFC authentication
Authenticate product with NFC label. Read NFC label with NFC phone and get related product information in seconds.

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Read NFC label on product package

Get related product information

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What's EMC?
EMC (Electronic Monitoring Code) has been widely used on China drug package. Each EMC is unique and has related drug information in China SFDA database. You can scan EMC with 360Eye app to get drug related information including drug name and factory name, production and valid date, specifications and channel information from remote database.
For more information about EMC, please visit drugadmin website at www.drugadmin.com
360Eye App support which platform?
Curretly 360Eye app support Android. Will support iOS in the near future.
Please click the following link to download 360Eye app.
We will launch new app to support iOS and Windows phone before end of the year.
Should I use 360Eye app on smart phone?
Yes, You should have a smart phone to run 360Eye app. Since the app need to check with remote database via mobile internet. Also scan barcode is easy than manual input codes on smart phone.
Can I use 360Eye app if I don't have Android phone?
Currently 360Eye app only support Andriod. We will launch new app to support iOS and Windows Phone in next half.
Can I use 360Eye without phone camera?
You can use 360Eye app without phone camera since we have manual input function. You may simply input 20-digits EMC codes to check drug information or input name and ID number manually to check ID.
Is 360Eye app free of charge?
Product authentication is free.

The purpose of Global Panorama is "Protect people. Protect brand". Our target is to protect enterprises and consumers. So product authentication is free.
Introducing Global Panorama

Global Panorama, founded in Beijing in 2005, is a mobile internet, app, RFID, webserver and database service solution provider. Providing leading mobile ID, NFC and barcode authentication and tracking solution, RFID blood management solution, doctor rating solution, EMC data collection solution etc. Key players were from Nokia China new business department.



We provide easy and fast ID and drug authentication solution for consumers while providing mobile channel validation, sales management and data collection solution for enterprises based on cloud platform and huge database management. We provide track and trace solution to monitor each product from production lines to retail stores. We protect brand worldwide.

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